Red Rooster New Guitar Stands

Available to order Custom Red Rooster A frame guitar stands. There are 4 models available to order. To order just use the contact page to let me know what model or models you want and how many with your address so I can figure out shipping costs and I will send you a Paypal invoice for your stand or stands. You will be emailed from Fedex  when your stand or stands are shipped. I am shooting for 1-2 week delivery time. I use fedex ground shipping, the stands weigh around 2 lbs. each and will be broken down and shipped in a 15″x15″x 4″ box. Assembly can be done by hand and a few light taps of a rubber mallet can be used to put the stand together the fit is tight and solid.



#1 Model Baltic Birch 9 ply (no cut outs) $29.99

This model has a poly and wax finish, pressure fit joints,no screws or glue. No cut outs

_MG_0063 _MG_0066FullSizeRender


#2 Model Baltic Birch 9 ply Deluxe (with cut outs) $39.99

This model has a poly and wax finish, pressure fit joints,no screws or glue.



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#3 Model Polyethylene  $49.99

This model is made out of med density polyethylene,pressure fit construction,no screws or glue.



#4 Model Walnut  $129.99

Beautiful hand waxed finished 3/4″ walnut, Lap joint and pressure fit construction, no screws .



These stands will look great in your house or studio they hold most electric and acoustic guitars.

_MG_0092 _MG_0096 _MG_0099

_MG_0105 _MG_0109 _MG_0113 _MG_0107 _MG_0111

New 2015 Brochure

2015 Brochure

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New Dealer!

We are proud to announce Red Rooster Guitars are now available for purchase at the Guitar Center Hollywood Platinum room! Please stop in the store and check out the selection or order your new Rooster from  this location. Allan Clarke is the Platinum Room Manager at the Hollywood location and is an expert on the inventory .

Allan Clarke is among the most knowledgeable guitar experts in the Guitar Center chain as well as the entire country. With more than two decades in musical instrument retail, there isn’t much in the world of guitars that Allan hasn’t seen. Stellar instruments that have graced the Hollywood GC walls in years past include a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top and a Brazilian rosewood Martin D-50. The classics aside, boutique is Allan’s true dojo. Driskill, Baker, Suhr, Tom Anderson, Collings, Olsen, acoustic or electric, if it is a limited edition fine instrument, Allan knows it well. Allan’s reverence for guitars is reflected in his philosophy of regarding fine instruments as “functional art.” Says Allan, “Many modern and contemporary guitars are definitely works of art. Since these art forms also serve as musical instruments that are meant to be played, I think the phrase “functional art” is very appropriate.”





The All New Rooster ’57 Model Is Here

Find out more about our latest custom guitar model, the double cutaway Rooster ’57. Click here for more information.

Vintage King Audio now authorized Dealer

Red Rooster guitars are now available at Vintage King Audio Nashville. We are very excited to have guitars in a brick and mortar location in the heart of the Nashville music scene. We look forward to having such a cool place to show off our guitars. The Nashville store should have guitars in stock the first week of July as they are in transit now!

Contact Nashville store direct : 615-866-5015

Store Location: 2826 Dogwood Place Nashville, TN 37204


Red Rooster in Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar has an article on Red Rooster guitars. Here is an excerpt:

Each precision-crafted guitar is made from quality materials, beautiful finishes, necks with rolled edges, and tips the scales at a surprisingly light 7lbs. The articulation of each note and fidelity from the custom guitar pickups that Jason Lollar makes are the choice red rooster guitars use to compliment the tone of the wood, while the hand-crafted bodies are custom banded with recessed polished metal are the signature look of Red Rooster Guitars. Players will also appreciate the precision fit and finish of the guitars, in fact they will feel the resonation and hear them ring without being plugged in. Read the rest on the Premier Guitar site…

Rebel Guitars Is An Authorized Dealer

Red Rooster guitars is proud to announce that Rebel Guitars of Alabama is an authorized dealer for Red Rooster guitars. Wes Bentley, the proprietor of Rebel Guitars, is perfect to represent our brand. He is one of the leading boutique guitar dealers with a large inventory of high quality and exotic guitars. Visit the Rebel Guitars website to see more, or give Wes a call at 256-872-5577.

Guitar Player Reviews Red Rooster

Guitar Player Magazine has published a feature on Red Rooster guitars. Here is an excerpt:

One of the hippest aspects of Leo Fender’s guitars is the infinitely customizable possibilities that his designs provide. Whether it’s function, aesthetics, or both, a multitude of customizing options await artisanal-minded players and builders alike. Red Rooster guitars uses the classic Tele template (the company also makes Les Paul-style bolt-ons) for its STT Rat Rodster, which sports the same basic functions of Leo’s brainchild, but with some added razzle-dazzle. Read the rest on the Guitar Player site…

2013 NAMM Show

Red Rooster Guitars will be displaying at this year’s NAMM show. We are sharing booth 7312 with Larger Than Life Rockstar Supply. Red Rooster Guitars will be sitting on the new Larger than Life guitar stands. Come by the booth so you can say hello and try out some gear.