Rooster '55 HH-CL
Rodster '52 RRH-Croc Circle
Rooster '55 RRP-Candy Lime Green Racing
RRT Rat Rodster Racing
Rodster '52 RRH- CL
RRP-Croc Circle Tuxedo White

News From The Red Rooster Shop

Vintage King Audio now authorized Dealer!

Red Rooster guitars are now available at Vintage King Audio Nashville. We are very excited to have guitars in a brick and mortar location in the heart of the Nashville music scene. We look forward to having such a cool place to show off our guitars. The Nashville store should have guitars in stock the first week of July as they are in transit now!

Contact Nashville store direct : 615-866-5015

Store Location: 2826 Dogwood Place Nashville ,TN. 37204





Red Rooster in Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar has an article on Red Rooster guitars. Here is an excerpt:

Each precision-crafted guitar is made from quality materials, beautiful finishes, necks with rolled edges, and tips the scales at a surprisingly light 7lbs. The articulation of each note and fidelity from the custom guitar pickups that Jason Lollar makes are the choice red rooster guitars use to compliment the tone of the wood, while the hand-crafted bodies are custom banded with recessed polished metal are the signature look of Red Rooster Guitars. Players will also appreciate the precision fit and finish of the guitars, in fact they will feel the resonation and hear them ring without being plugged in. Read the rest on the Premier Guitar site…

Rebel Guitars Is An Authorized Dealer

Red Rooster guitars is proud to announce that Rebel Guitars of Alabama is an authorized dealer for Red Rooster guitars. Wes Bentley, the proprietor of Rebel Guitars, is perfect to represent our brand. He is one of the leading boutique guitar dealers with a large inventory of high quality and exotic guitars. Visit the Rebel Guitars website to see more, or give Wes a call at 256-872-5577.